What is iRedMail?

iRedMail is an Open Source full featured mail server solution that can spare a lot of time for system administrators for complex configurations, has support for all major Linux distributions and ships with the following Linux packages.Postfix: SMTP service – default MTA.

  • Dovecot: POP3/POP3S, IMAP/IMAPS, Managesieve service – default MDA.
  • Apache: Web server.
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL: Storing application data and/or mail accounts.
  • OpenLDAP: Storing mail accounts.
  • Policyd: Postfix policy server.
  • Amavisd: An interface between Postfix and SpamAssassin, ClamAV. Used for spam and virus scanning.
  • Roundcube: Webmail – default MUA.
  • Awstats: Apache and Postfix log analyzer.
  • Fail2ban: scans log files (e.g. /var/log/maillog) and bans IPs that show malicious system attempts.

Why iRedMail?


You have all personal data on your own hard disk, you can control the email security, inspect transaction log. No other organization can see the content of all messages.


All components used in iRedMail are open source softwares, and you get the bug fixes and updates from the Linux/BSD venders you trust. iRedMail is the right way to build your mail server with open source softwares.

Secure by Default

End users are forced to use mail services through secure connections (POP3/IMAP/SMTP over TLS, webmail with HTTPS). Emails are encrypted in transit using TLS if possible. Passwords are stored in SSHA512 or BCRYPT (BSD).


Manage mails, folders, sieve filters, vacation directly on a intuitive and easy to use web UI (Roundcube webmail or/and SOGo groupware).


Manage your calendars (CalDAV), address books (CardDAV), tasks on a easy to use web UI or your mobile devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone).
* CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync are offered by SOGo Groupware.

Unlimited Accounts

Forget about the products which pricing based on number of mailboxes, you can create as many mail accounts (domains, users, mailing lists, admins) as you want.

Main Stream Linux/BSD

iRedMail works on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD. No matter you switch to which Linux/BSD distribution supported by iRedMail, you get the same setup in just few minutes.


Stores mail accounts in your favourte backend: OpenLDAP, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL.

Antispam & Antivirus

SpamAssassin, ClamAV, SPF, DKIM, greylisting, whitelisting, blacklisting. Quarantining detected spam into SQL database for further review.

Web Admin Panel

Manage your mail accounts with a web admin panel. iRedMail ships a free and easy to use web admin panel along with it’s product. – iRedMail also offers a separate, paid edition iRedAdmin-Pro with more features. Features list of iRedAdmin-Pro.

Reproduceable Deployment

Get a reproduceable, easy to use, flexible, stable mail server in just few minutes, easy to migrate an old server, or restore a crashed server to new iRedMail server.

Professional Tech Support

We back you up with fast and professional tech support. Check our full support services list.

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