OwnCloud is open-source software, first developed in 2010, that allows you to run a personal cloud file storage service. It has features that are comparable to other cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

The ownCloud server software can be installed free of charge on Linux, and the client software can be installed on computers running WindowsOS X, or Linux. Mobile apps are also available for Android and iOS.

How it works?

ownCloud can be accessed via the web using most browsers, but you can also download the free Desktop application offered by OwnCloud. For mobile devices running Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile you can simply go to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Microsoft Store and purchase the OwnCloud app.

You could even opt to have your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) with your own copy of OwnCloud server where you have full control & management of the software.

This can be useful if you are looking to provide different type of access for your staff within your organisation, as well as many other benefits.


At ownCloud, we take security very seriously and we know that it encompasses broad considerations, processes and technologies. ownCloud installs in your data center; managed by you, to your policies, following your procedures. Encryption at rest secures your files on the server and still allows sharing among users. The File Firewall ensures all access requests meet rules set by the administrator, and existing infrastructure – such as intrusion detection and log management – can provide added layers of security. With WebDAV, mobile libraries and the ownCloud API as well as several enterprise-only apps, secure file sharing is in your control

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